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Six Seasons Connect - Business Development Services offers a range of complementary services to assist Indigenous people to get ready for business. We distinctively offer pre-start services aimed at those seeking to start a business, using structured step-by-step methodologies.

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Our small group workshops and one-to-one coaching are both delivered by virtual means, using ZOOM. We deliver this way, so that we can extend our service reach to all communities, whether in urban, regional or remote areas. Zoom is a user-friendly service that has become more apparent in recent times during the COVID 19 emergency.

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A Structured, Practical Approach

We offer a series of structured virtual workshops via ZOOM.

Our workshops are aimed at PRE-START Business Development for Indigenous people, families and communities seeking to start a business from the get-go. 

Online Class


Expert Guidance

We offer one-to-one coaching services to Indigenous people seeking to start a business for the first time.  We provide tailored coaching programs to clients seeking to enhance their business knowledge via our virtual coaching sessions using Zoom. 
Sessions normally run for 1 hour at a time

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In terms of our self-directed learning tools (resources), we are able to offer a range of self-paced, learn as you go, practical guides for anyone wanting to enter the business development space (pre-start), in their own time. These can be ordered online through our website and social media platforms.

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A Structured, Practical Approach

We offer a series of self-directed working guides for those wishing to start a business. These guides are available on our website for purchase, with others in development. Our guides consist of structured and practical information and supporting resources to assist you to engage a business development pathway towards starting and operating your own business. 

Laptop & Coffee


Expert Guidance

We offer a series of E-learning programs for those who prefer to learn using digital devices. Our programs are in line with our expressed theme to support business development of those wishing to start a business at the pre-start phase of set-up. As with our virtual services and take-home guides, our E-learning program is built around a series of structured step by step blocks of learning, entwined with stimulating graphics, videos and interactions for a better learning experience.

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